DIR Contract for Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services

Steel Digital Studios is an approved vendor for Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services. This allows state and local government agencies, public schools and universities, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state to acquire our services without going through an RFP process.

Learn more about Steel Advertising’s DIR Contract for Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services at the contract page DIR-TSO-4312. Learn more about the Cooperative Contract Program.


Emily Carper, Business Development Specialist
Steel Digital Studios, Incorporated
6414 Bee Cave Rd., Suite B
Austin, Texas 78746
Phone: 512-354-1180; Facsimile: 800-709-5104
Email: emily.carper@steeladvertising.com

Websites People Love Using!


We at Steel are so happy to have the opportunity to work with you under this DIR contract. As an agency that has delivered large-scale web development for 18 years, we would like to be your reliable partner in providing services to the many agencies of Texas.


Steel’s methodology for the creation of large websites is derived from the industry best practices described in WSG3 (Web Style Guide v.3). Employing a multilinear approach provides experts on the team with more time to do their very best work, encourages collaboration, involves the client in the whole process, and still maintains good project momentum. Below is an overview of the stages of our web development process and the activities we cover in each. This process is tailored to each project’s or client’s specific needs. We look forward to working with you!

Services Approved for Contract:


Steel maintains an Accessibility Policy to deliver projects according to the current standard outlined in WCAG 2.0 Level AA or higher, unless project requirements state otherwise. Projects are designed to be accessible and complete multiple checks in development to ensure compliance through to final testing and launch.

Business Analysis Services

Steel works with data and technology to track and enhance the user experience. We are proficient in technology platforms that support the collection of customer behavior and deliver personalization and automation of the customer experience (example: HubSpot).

DNS Management, Email Hosting, and Managed Public Cloud

Steel can implement and maintain web domains, hosting packages, email hosting, and Public Cloud accounts for projects or consult on a maintenance plan to be managed by the client.

Turnkey Solutions

Steel provides packaged services from scoping through software selection to the installation, implementation, and construction phase. We also provide ongoing support plans to maintain websites and online tools.

Web Content Management (WCM)

Steel works with multiple content management tools to build and maintain websites, including WordPress, HubSpot, Drupal, Ektron, MURA, Squarespace, and others. Once they are built, Steel can provide training for you to manage internally, or we can create a maintenance package.

Web Training, Maintenance, and Support

Steel provides maintenance and support packages following a project launch. We also provide staff training sessions and materials for clients who want to handle maintenance themselves.

Website Design

Steel has years of experience building large-scale websites in the government space, from City websites that cover multiple services and a diverse audience, to higher education sites with numerous stakeholders. Services include UX/UI design, content creation, video, and SEO.

Website Development

Steel's roots are in web development. Our web team works with multiple types of CMS platforms, e-commerce platforms, and app developers to build sites people love using. Our web team is also a part of our accessibility team to ensure that projects are compliant with ADA and WCAG requirements.

Website Hosting

Steel can implement and maintain web domains and hosting packages through one of our hosting partners. The account can be managed on an ongoing basis through a maintenance plan or managed by the client post-launch.


Contact Us

Emily Carper
Business Development Specialist
Steel Digital Studios, Incorporated
6414 Bee Cave Rd., Suite B
Austin, Texas 78746
Phone: 512-354-1180
Facsimile: 800-709-5104
Email: emily.carper@steeladvertising.com

How to Order

Our Warranty

Steel works closely with our clients to ensure satisfaction. We will perform the applicable services in accordance with industry standards, testing for functionality and resolving any issues related to the provided services. Steel cannot accept responsibility for any alterations to the project by the client or a third party after the project has been completed by Steel. Any requests or adjustments outside the original scope of work will be addressed with work orders and invoiced accordingly.


Our Return Policy

Due to the type of services provided, Steel does not offer a return policy.